Las Vegas athletes managed to bring home a lot of hardware in the 2021 Olympics. Let's look at some of their accomplishments!

The 2021 Olympics are now behind us, and while it's no surprise that the United States brought home the most hardware, Las Vegas actually accounted for a decent chunk of it! In fact, between women's basketball, women's 3x3 basketball, and an aspiring relay swim team, these competitors did Sin City proud with some of the most memorable performances of the games. 

So, with another edition of the Olympics in the books, let's take a moment to celebrate all the medals that Las Vegas brought home.


We'll start with the Women's USA Basketball team. They came away with gold-and one of the best performances in their history! This team had Aja Wilson and Chelsea Gray of the Las Vegas Aces, who put up great numbers throughout their gold medal run. As if that wasn't enough, Kelsey Plum and Jackie Young, also part of the Las Vegas Aces, played on the 3x3 women's Olympic basketball team, which also managed to win gold.

“For us, it is tough,” Plum said after defeating China for the honor of being the first-ever 3x3 Women's Olympic champions.  “This is a hard tournament, and you do not have an easy game. There is no rest. I thought we battled through things, and there were no mistakes. And they hit some big shots, so credit to them for putting up a good fight.”


And then there were the swimmers, who all brought home some hardware before all was said and done. The medals started piling in when Ericka Sullivan placed second in the Women's 1500 Freestyle event, but it was only a sign of things to come. Next, the women's relay team pulled off some of the fastest laps in the water to earn a silver medal of their own. This team included Katie Grimes and Bella Sims.


Finally, there was Conner Fields, who was supposed to defend his gold medal in the BMX bike competition this year but was taken out in the semi-finals after a gruesome-looking crash. It all started in the first turn of the race, where Fields's lost control of the bike and was ultimately get run over by the rider behind him. 

"I am finally back home and on the road to recovery from Tokyo. I have about 4-5 days that are completely missing from memory from competition day to the following few days. I am so thankful for the @teamusa and @teamcycling staff who were there to help me the whole way through this process and get me home," Fields tweeted after the crash.

In the end, medal or not, the athletes above made our country and the city of Las Vegas very proud. They went above and beyond to chase their Olympic dreams and should be applauded. 

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